Birthday_hugs_wishes_1 I really haven’t been in the mood to stamp  since this weekend  so I thought I would share something I made last week  from my new goodies .. Zoofari  set and very simple  Really no  list needed  of what I used  right ?  except  maybe tell you  That the light  color in background I used the  soft sky ink .

Sunday night Jessie had a friend  stay the night  and I didn’t sleep well at all , Not due to her and her friend  But  just  tossing and turning ya know  and well  I was dragging butt all day yesterday . That is until  Monday night TV  comes on .. I am sooo into the Style Network channel  with the  show The biggest loser  reruns  & TLC  channel  with   BIG MEDICINE on at 9:00pm  est.. Have any of  you watched this show ..  OH and then  there’s " Little people  Big world "  Love that show ..  Maybe its due to my  withdraw of  LOST and all But nothing seems  to be good on  for the summer..   Jessie and I do catch that  show " You think you can dance"   every once in awhile .. But  I am finding it really hard to  watch reg  TV lately ..   I did talk to Rich last night and he  passed on  some GREAT news  which will be happening  within a month or  so .. all the KBR guys will now  be getting " Chews"  Whats that you ask ??  Their  very own  room in  what looks like a   trailer  But has NO wheels  on it   each guy  will have their own  door to lock up also . A whole room to their  self YAHOO!  Its about time .. I guess Rich said  each trailer has  4 rooms  to it  and they come  to   the base  unassembled  and they will have to put them together.. so  this should all happen within  the next month or so  .  They are Just waiting on  them to get delivered.  I guess out of all the KRB guys there  only 16 guys wont get the  room  and those are  determined by the  guys  that  just get there  and are new to the base so this means   all the guys  and Rich there are right now will get a room .. I swear I needed  to hear  some great news  from him .. He has been feeling  down and this  for sure lifted his  spirits ,and  of course this helps me  with my  spirits too ..I am sooo excited about the  room for my hubby I swear I let out a yell  on the phone I may have  made him  go deaf ..

Did you all see THIS ? Way to  go  for  the guy  that pulled out all the stops and  He  really Threw Simon  a curve ball .. Its sooo  Awesome ..

I received  lovely  raks  for  my blogger  friends  that I will share  soon  and Plus I received more Cards for the troops  from Tracy K yesterday  Thank you  so Much girls   for  brighting my  day !!!

Until later… Happy Stampin