1000_cards_for_the_troops_e  Thank you  all  again  for all your lovely  cards for the troops ..Samp8479b52fb341a2d9  I  just mailed out  3 more  boxes to my hubby  this Friday and  I have  3 boxes  left to  send him for the troops, Hard to believe I have mailed  almost  6,000 cards off  Boy  We were keeping our Post office  busy  the last  6 months ..  And I hear through the grapevine we have more cards for the troops on their  way … So we as a team  for Operation Glitter drop will  surpass  the 6,000 mark  very soon . I am still waiting on  hubby to get me  some pics  of  the troops  with the beautiful cards .. Cards_for_the_troops_1000_c so until that happens   I must wait  patiently   which is  sooo tough cause I want to see them too .. Today  is another Great  day we will be  celebrating a baby shower   at our church at service   this afternoon …  The soon to be mommy ( This will be  #5)   is due in December .. Cards_for_the_troops_1000_f  Would  be a hoot if  she  delivered on Jessie’s  Birthday  ( Dec 1st )  We actually think  she may  deliver  sooner than  that But  either way we will be  celebrating  today  with her and  her family ..

Tomorrow  morning I will be a chaperon with my  daughters  school  It will be a all day  affair . We are  heading to the Human  body exhibit  called  OUR BODY "THE UNIVERSE WITHIN" at  the Detroit Science  Center .. Anyone see this before ? Not to sure  what to expect ,But looking forward to learning  something amazing  I am sure of that …

Have a wonderful Sunday  girls  & Thank you so much for sharing  a bit of your  busy day with me today.Samp587acd74d7701a55_3

Until later … Happy  Stampin!!