Jess Shelli and Ash  Hi Stampers :

My Workshop of a lifetime was just amazing  with Shelli .

 Have  you ever  wondered What it's like from a teenagers point of  view?

Well today is  your LUCKY day Hee! Hee!

  Yes Jessie and her Best friend / My week daughter Ash are BACK !!

This  time with a overview of their experience with  Shelli and the workshop of a lifetime .

 OH my  goodness  these girls are such a hoot !  One day I must have  Jessie & Ash  write me a overview  of everything her and Ash are talking about  cause  seriously I either have  to ask her  to tell me or  watch the video a million times over and over again to grasp what they are  chatting about .. 

 One thing  is for sure is that all the excitement  was caught by them 2  silly girls  with Shelli being in our presence  .

Here are  some highlights of what they will be chatting about :

Coming soon like Yesterday party ! aka Workshop of a lifetime with Shelli Gardner

 A few of my Glitter Queens are mentioned

 Judy  Re: Judy  being Jessie Online Grandma  and  that she Loves her camera 

 Erica  and her hubby ( which is  hooked on Jessie's and Ash's silly  videos  he will be  mentioned as "The copper " ~"Copper doodle day" since he is a police office 

another mention  is of course Shelly & Sara ( Sara will be mentioned as Sahara)

and  "Pajama" PJ ~AKA~ PJ pants

Also a vitual "High 5 " is sent out to everyone !

 Jess and Ash  went  to pick up my balloons for the party and one of the balloons POPPED while inside the car driving back to the hotel  and  of course  they have to recreate  the scene  with screaming 🙂

Plus a shout out  to someone  that wasn't even there ( Louise)  who  we have no idea  who she was asking about ~  then  they ended up just calling her* Ash's imaginary friend *:)

They  also mention the name tags  they both got with Shelli's signature on them  and Jessie mentioned  that if  your name is Jess and want  to buy a name tag with Shelli's signature on it  she  could put it on ebay ( Just kidding )  she went on  to say  she was  going to duck tape  the name tag  to her matteress~ So stinkin funny !

Enjoy  the video  

 I want to  send out  Big Hugs &  Kisses to Jessie  & Ash who brighten my day with their sweet and goofy things  they do.

What a Blessing !

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Have a Fabulous Day  and I will see you all tomorrow  ..

Until later… Happy Stampin!

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