Jess & Ash May14, 2010 Hi Stampers:

Happy Sunday friends !

Last night  was my Stampers club meeting Like always  we had alot of fun stamping &  getting  caught up on everything  going on with them.

I also filmed (2) videos  for this upcoming week . Plus Jess had Ash spend the night Friday -Saturday  so be on the look out for yet  another crazy video from those silly girls.

Jess & Ash decided  that they were  not going to prom  Friday night  since Ash is getting married  July 3rd,2010  and moving away to TX on June 25th, 2010 , so Jess and Ash wanted to spend sometime together before Ash leaves . 

For my Sunday share  video I want to post  the new song  from Carrie Underwood  called Temporary Home . What an amazing song with such a awesome message .

Click Here


Have a Great Sunday !

 Thanks  for peeking in today I will see you  all again tomorrow .

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