Hi Stampers :

Happy Wednesday friends !

Here are a few more photos from Founders circle .

GREAT stamping time at Susans  home
Great time at Susans
Thursday was a shopping day and to be honest I didn't dare go shopping  cause I knew my luggage  couldn't hold much more than  what I had brought  plus all our pillow gifts… so I skipped shopping  and  went to the pool  and  chatted with my Friends Patty and Dawn  and was  invited to  Susan Adams home  for  some stamping fun  OH YEAH!!  sooo much fun!

Susans Stamp room is just FABULOUS ~ LOVE IT! 

PJ party and swap
PJ party with Journal  and pen SU! gave us
PJ party
Swap time
That night was our PJ party / Tea talk  and swapping time  and  WOW  they had  Fabulous cakes everywhere  ( Red Velvet / Germann Chocolate etc… see photo)

Shelli with her  swap card
I snapped this pic of Shelli and her swap card  she is sooo cute !

Kanab Employees  greetings us as we arrive #4
Kanab Employees  greetings us as we arrive #1
Kanab Employees  greetings us as we arrive #3
Friday we went to Kanab  OH my goodness  everyone should seriously  visit . You will be amazed at how our Fabulous stamp sets are made and how much goes into making  just 1 stamp set . I even got to die cut a set  how cool is that ? LOVE IT!

Founders Circle 2011 at Kanab
Bus Ride to Kanab 2011
When we drove up  to Kanab  all the employees  were waiting outside  to greet us  with  so many  awesome signs  and high fives  it was  just an  amazing sight .

Pool girls with Pattys raft
 Once inside we got  to take photos  by the Founders Circle sign they had up for us .  Then we were off  to  tour the   ins and outs of  the stamp making process  which is so fun PLUS  while were  were watching   the assembly  line  we got a peek at a brand new stamp set  not  sure  at the time if  that was  ment to be or not  but we were all checking it out  and  then at the end of the line  they gave us   that stamp set.. OMG!! 

Every time we  would hear SCREAMS we knew exactly  what  had just happened  sooo AWESOME!!

Pool girls with Shelli
Saturday was a  POOL  day  which was  also FABULOUS  with all my stamping  friends  and  my sweet friend Patty Chenail  even brought a raft  yup she thought of everything  and I mean everything LOL !

Then looked who came out to visit with us at the pool > Shelli <  see photo

Pillow Gift Thusday night  Sept 15th
Thursday night pillow gift  was this  popcorn bucket filled with snacks  for the Little Mermaid  at TUACAHN Amphitheatre

Friday nights pillow gift apron
Apron out of box
Friday night Pillow gift was  this adorable apron made with the Beau Chateau Designer Fabric # 122336  I actually didn't even take it out of the  box  since I knew I wouldn't be able  to Re pack it   how  cute they did  so I snapped this photo of it  once I got home  LOVE IT!

Saturday nights pillow gift key chain
Saturday nights pillow gift was  this amazing keychain made with the Simply Adorned Baubles  Pink Crystal 5/8" # 121013 / Clear Crystal  5/8" # 121012  / Vanilla Pearl 1/2" # 121014  along with the Trinket Crowns # 121891. Just Beautiful ! The little tea cup on the end is  a  charm which says Founders Circle  2011 on the bottom of the  saucer . sooo cute ~ LOVE IT!

Have a Fabulous Day friends.

Thanks so much for peeking in  today .

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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