I love my Granddog from Jessie and PatHi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour?

I sure love getting that extra hour of sleep .

Look what Jessie gave us for our car~

( I love my Grandog magnet) … Pretty awesome  huh?  

Look how big Bao is getting . He is so cute, I think he is getting bigger by the minute . Jessie takes a photo of him every Sunday to show how big he gets week to week .It's just amazing .

 Bao Nov 2, 2013

 This past Thursday ( Halloween) I had my teeth  cleaned and thought it would be pretty funny if I wore my vampire teeth  to the dentist . It was a hit  even though I didn't get a chance  to put them in for my dentist since she usually comes in for my exam at the end of my cleaning this time she came in 1/2 way through my cleaning .

My Hygenist on the other hand got to see them and she said they were the best she had seen LOL! Of course  that means alot because we know she  has seen alot if teeth right ?  Just not tons of vampire teeth.

I felt right at home since everyone in the dentist office were dressed up too…Plus when I left my teeth were whiter than my fangs.

  • I love getting my teeth cleaned. 

 Hey have you seen the new 25th Anniversary set Best of Snow stamp set # 134387 HERE 
Best of Snow

Oh my goodness  I don't what what is more exciting the hedgehogs or a little Frosty ~Both were an all time favorite  years ago .

  • Check out all the BEST of sets HERE.

I have been  working on my November newsletter this weekend and I will be sending that out this week.

I got 2 new videos filmed  for you this upcoming week  lets just say Christmas is in the air.

Mystery Hostess

Mystery Hostess name drawn for this week is Dolly Gunter

The new Mystery Hostess Code is :

  •  Q24NWPWY

Here is my Sunday Share  video for you .


Have a Fabulous  Sunday Friends !

Until Later … Happy Stampin!

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