Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

 Thank Goodness this week is over 🙂

This past week when my Blog went down  which this was the 1st time  it was this major with typepad  and I have been with them for 8 years now  and  this time was a doozie  that's for sure….BUT Praise God  everything is  moving smoothly now .

As frustrated as I was my blog was down I knew in my heart they were fixing it  as fast as they could . This is NOT something Typepad  wanted to happen for sure, BUT seriously  if you could have read some of the nasty comments people were leaving them on their FB page ~It was sad !  Things happen  and I am very Thankful it was only a week .

This past week we also got my wheels fixed  and Praise God  they only kept my car for 1 day . I still need to go back for the alignment BUT  he said we can do that next month .

Got a tip to all you drivers out there … Drive in the left hand lane . That's the tip I got from the wheel & front end  guy . Usually pot holes are on the right side  some on the left but for the most part there going to be on the right side .

We also went and picked up our half a cow we ordered . We go in half with our friends ( Steve & Linda ). We  bought one  18 months ago . The price went up slightly  from last time BUT Oh my goodness have you priced beef in the stores  and who knows what's all in that.


After I shared this photo (above) I laughed because of all the photos I could take  while loading the meat up in coolers  was one with the Heart/ Liver/ Tongue  LOL !  We did get  alot of good meat  Steaks/ Hambuger / Roasts/Ribs .

Jessie left a comment on the photo  and said her and Pat will be over for BBQ Tongue ( just kidding LOL!)

Later today we are going out to dinner with our friends Russ and Melinda

Blog Candy names  drawn

  • Blog Candy #1 ( Beyond Plaid )~ Shirley Gail
  • Blog candy #2 ( Spring Sampler)~ Diana Hults

Congrats !  I will be sending  an email out to the both of you  for your mailing address .

Thank you all for all your sweet comments I read every single one . You all are the BEST !

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Have a Fabulous Sunday friends !

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