Hi Stampers ,

Happy Tuesday friends !

I thought I would share  the photos I got of those that have been taking take of me

and my leg/ankle  with the wound vac. 

I got to give the Halloween treats too on Thursday .

Actually  I didn’t get to take photos of everyone

but was able to snap a few photos .

1st one is my favorite  nurse which happens

to be my home nurse every Tuesday Becky .

The following are my  nurses and  Intern doctor at the wound clinic .

I actually have one more doctor and one more nurse

which I didn’t see them on Thursday for some reason .

I left the one for my mailman in the mail box

  just in case I missed him 

Thursday when I was  at the

wound clinic .

Follow up on my ankle since my visit last Thursday they took a biopsy since there was a odor .
My ankle was hurting so bad and swollen  over the weekend even when keeping my ankle elevated .

I was  close to going to the ER Friday but called the clinic and asked  if they could give me an antibiotic and she said they were waiting for the results before they could give me anything  that I just had to ride it out ….

I’m not sure how I even got through our stamp club Saturday night .  

Monday  (yesterday ) the nurse called me and said I have 3 infections and they called in an antibiotic for me -Thank God !!!

I got that started as soon as  I picked up my RX and stayed off my leg all day yesterday .

I have not been in my  stamp room much since Friday .

After taking  the 1st pill yesterday my leg already started to feel better .

I do not have anything ready for the rest of the week  I still hope to go live in the glitter pit tomorrow but not sure if I will have anything  to make. I just wanted to give you all an update .

 My nurse Becky is coming today. Thank you all for your prayers ! 

Thanks for peeking in today . 

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends !


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