Hi Stampers,

 Happy Thursday friends ! 

Today we are making a really fun card.

I’ve made a few  different  over the years cards

using this type of card design but

those cards are went vertical  today we are making it horizontal

plus we are playing with the cute chicks again.

You may remember  last weeks video this may look very similar  

since I got the idea  for that gift card holder HERE

from today’s type of card.

This Horizontal version gives us so much more

space to stamp larger images because

we can use larger  squares  compared  to the vertical  card

I’ve made 6 months ago like HERE   

and get all those cute chicken feather faces stamped LOL! 

Exciting news 

was shared yesterday in the Glitter Pit

I  designed a badge / button  for all my Glitter Pit Crew  for you all to use on your

Blogs / Facebook page/ Instagram any of your  social media platforms .

This one shown above is for all of you  who want to 

grab it and add it to  your social media  platforms .

Here is the  link to open and save it to your computer HERE

Then you can upload it like a photo  from your computer 

Once you  click the  HERE  and then open look in the  top right corner 

for the down-arrow  ( see photo )

click that  arrow and it  will download it on your computer  . 

then it will be saved on your  computer like a PNG file 

DO NOT make image/badge bigger since it’s a PNG file. 

When you make a PNG image bigger it will  be fuzzy & pixelated .

This size my designer said will be a great size for  blog side bars &  Facebook.

See mine on the right hand side ( she added mine )

I have so many plans on how I’m personally going to be using this badge with all of you  .

 I shared  some of those yesterday in the glitter pit . 

Grab your  badge and add it  wherever you want display it proudly  .

Once you add it to your social media

tag me using the hashtag


A little back story on my design of course it had to be  purple and  just like

my FSM club ( Frequent Stamper Miles club

my  Glitter Pit Crew had to have the  same vibe

GPC Glitter Pit Crew .

You can see the little words in the background

( listed below highlighted in blue )

  all those words represent all of us in the Glitter Pit .

I love all of you who come over and hang out with me LIVE every

Wednesday  at 3:00pm ( eastern) HERE 

  We are like family in the Glitter Pit!

Thank you to all my GP Crew!

  You all are…

Encouraging-Friends -Happy -Design-Create -Stamp-Inspiring

Uplifting -Family – Laugh-Love-Faithful -Kind -Smile-Fun

Plus our badge had to have  a little sparkle scattered around

  to remind us to all shine.

To enter this weeks giveaway just leave a comment below on this

blog post and  your name will be entered ~ that’s easy peasy right ? 


Names  will be drawn and  sent an email to you 

to let you know your name was drawn and also for your mailing  address 

PLUS your name will be also  announced LIVE

in the Glitter Pit  Wednesday HERE

Congrats to last weeks winners !

Thanks for peeking in today .

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