MY BLOG Testimony

Dawns BLOG Testimony

Stamping  brought us together and made us friends , BUT its Christ who makes your  life worth living.

Romans 12:1-21

without  going into the whole chapter 

I will touch on  why this  chapter is so relevant to me and my  blog . It changed my  whole thinking  perspective about my  blog and what my  REAL mission is .

Yes I  consider I am on mission  with my  blog . Your probably thinking I have really  flipped Now huh?  BUT Romans  12:1-21  tells us we are to




Give of our self’s  etc… 

  and in a  nutshell this is  why I am blogging and  why I make the videos .  My blog and videos are an outreach of course to show my love of stamping But also  a simple way to encourage , teach, give of myself  in a way  to reach thousands That I never thought was  possible .

MY Videos will remain FREE on my blog ,  Plus  GOD knows my  heart  and I do believe HE  opened this avenue  for me to share  my love of stamping  with you all  for HIS GLORY NOT MINE! 

 I have heard from so many of you  that you are so excited about  stamping again .

That’s such blessing to hear that God is using me to bless you !

God is sooo AWESOME!! 

It really is GOD using me to touch others like HE has  touched my life.

  Like I mentioned above~

Stamping is the common ground that brought us together  BUT Jesus  can change your whole life . 

My blog and  everything about it  is an outreach  for me  to lead & tell  others about Christ and His love for YOU! . I have been so blessed  to  have  so many new friends  that are on this journey with me weather stamping  or our walk with Christ  .

I look forward to helping you in any way

I can with Stamping  and telling you more about Jesus  and what he has done for me and what

HE will do for YOU!!

So this bring me  to the BIG  question :

Are  you  going to Heaven? 

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Many blessings