What God has done for me…

What an awesome day (10-14-2007) .

I mainly  wanted to write this post for myself  to  remember  what today has done in my life .

1st Sunday school  was  sad  & happy .

SAD:   Because  we had no kids in our class  this morning.

HAPPY: because me and my mom got to go into ROBYN’S class ( collage and career )  and what a blessing her class was,  not  only  for the fellowship  with her,Linda and my mom But today’s lesson  was  about  Nebuchadnezzar  and how this man  only thought of  himself  and  everything   had to be about  him  .Robyn asked us  who  we thought of  that was  high in power  or  anyone we  could think of  that was  famous  that seemed to  have it ALL .

Robyn had mention Britney Spears  and  OH  boy  what an perfect example of a  precious life that is searching for  something   that will bring HER happiness ( successful career , marriage , children  & Money )  and   we all know there is ONLY one person that  can fill this void  that her and  so many  are missing in their  Life.  That  is the  one and  only  True God who brings  true  happiness and  Joy  beyond words.. 

When we  think WE  can find this out in Life on our own  how  quickly  we  Fall  without  God  and his  Son Jesus. How  quick  I am  to  see  how my life  comes short  also in  this area  of  trying to keep

ME out of  things  that I do throughout my  day and  keeping

God  1st  in all things that  I  do, and to bring Glory to him  in everything  that I   do .

Then this mornings  Message  with our Pastor   really touched my heart  and  made me  so sappy  . The message was  about  making a difference  in peoples lives  and   How  no matter   how small  or big , the blessings  come  to those  who step out  and  help others when you  do it  as onto the Lord   as it is  said in

Colossians  3 :23 

And what so ever  you  do , Do it  heartily  as to the Lord  and not unto men .

How  many times  have I done things to get  acknowledgment for  what I have done  or  to bring  attention to ME ?

Oh  Lord please  help me to keep living  in your will and  help me  to  always  keep you  1st in all I do  and  giving you the glory , for all things  I do  are  your  gifts of  love  for me to share with others  and bring them to  YOU Lord .I have failed so many times  and Praise  God for  His never ending  Mercy and Grace   on me .

For Grace is God  giving me  something I DO NOT deserve ( Such as eternal  Life in heaven when I die ).

Mercy is NOT  giving me something I DO deserve ( as in  an eternal life in hell for  my  sins )

Great  example of  how our  Heavenly Father  shows us Grace and Mercy  is this  story below …

It was one of those priceless moments that comes to all families. As I sat around the kitchen table with my almost-adult children, they began to share some of their childhood secrets. One said: “Mom, do you remember when the slats kept falling out of Ben’s bed, and we told you we didn’t know why? We were jumping on it.”

I said, “I know.”

“Did you know I didn’t eat my lima beans? When I excused myself to go to the bathroom during dinner, they were in my napkin and got flushed.”

“I suspected as much when I saw the bulging napkin accompanying you.”

“Do you remember the peanut butter sandwich you found in the VCR slot? I put it there. It was the perfect size.”

And once again, I said, “I figured.”

Finally, one of my oldest daughters laughed and said, “I can’t believe you still loved us.”

I smiled to myself and thought, “It was easy, because you are my own.”


The lord  works in  so many ways  and today’s  SS lesson and  Sunday morning message  all ties in together .. I don’t want to be like Nebuchadnezzar Lord  help me to  put others  1st and keeping  the ME out of it,  and  to show your glory  by using me  for YOU & your  purpose  !

This morning message  Pastor Brad also mentioned a story of a nightlight  .. 

One of his points  in  the message was 

Try and meet others  needs  with our talents  and gifts the Lord has  given YOU

( weather its being a Sunday school teacher, working in the kitchen , cleaning  staff , bus  ministry you name it)   Just like a night light  small in size but  serves as a mighty  tool in helping  us not to trip in the middle of the night .

That is Just like how our  talents and gifts God has given each one of us .  

The night light  can’t be a chandelier (Big & Bright and  so beautiful .

How boring  it would be if we all have the same talents  and gifts  don’t  you think ?)

But the night light  has a BIG job  to do  just as like the  body of our  church ,meeting the needs of others .

What the  chandelier can not  do, the  night light  fills the gap  with  what it can do.

Just like the Church,

When everyone does  what God gave them as  their  talent / gifts, we all work together for the Glory of God .

No one  talent  or gift  out shines  the other  for we are all in the  same  church body / Family of God .

Just like my  friend Linda said the other  day  she wishes she could sing  like  Charlotte  Churchill But she has come to know that is NOT her gift .

We see so many  talents/ gifts others  have and want what they have  ( human nature I suppose )   

 God has given us all a talent  and Just like there is Only 1 YOU ,

There is only things that YOU  can do to bring glory  to our Heavenly  father, that others Can’t …

YOU be the night light !!

Have a Fabulous  Sunday girls ..

God bless  you all

Love Dawn