Why I love Stampin’ Up!

Long before I was a SU!  demo I was  1st a  Great customer Hee! Hee! ..

Like  most of you  I attended my  very 1st workshop .

Of course  this was at my  cousin Ruthie’s home  and OH my goodness 

I just  was amazed at what I  made in just a few short  minutes .
After  about  6 months or so  and after  a lot of encouragement 

from my  Hubby to  purchase the starter kit 

(  his thoughts were  for  me  to be able to save him money on my purchases )

  But  1 thing I was  very sure of at that point was that….

When I did purchase the  kit 

I was NOT  going to be a  Business  demo .

I wanted to be a Hobby demo (  another great  selling point  with Stampin’ Up!  

cause  I  could  do  it all MY way ~ Business /Hobby ) 

I kept  reassuring my hubby  that I was NOT going to hold workshops / clubs/ classes etc…

I wanted to just  purchase things when I wanted to  and  that was it  ~PERIOD.

 Yea Right ~ remember NEVER say NEVER


FAST FORWARD: to Oct 2003 

I purchased the  starter kit and  before I even had my  kit I  had a workshop scheduled  with a friend of mine

  NO biggie right ? 

Just  have them make a  few things  and that would be  a fun time .

OH my  goodness  Talk about a RUSH  doing her workshop .

NO kidding  what a feeling to share  what I   loved to do with my  friends  too .

OK I was hooked  I so loved seeing everyone’s  faces  and  hearing their comments

” I can’t  believe I just made that”


“This  is so fun and easy ” 

 and to think I had a small part in  sharing the  excitement of rubber stamping  with them .


Ever  since that  1st workshop  I haven’t  stopped

 basically I went  from being a hobby  demo to  making

Stampin’Up! my own business in a matter of  just 1 workshop . ..

I so love meeting new  friends  and  still  enjoy seeing  those  amazing & shocked faces

at their  finished projects they made .

I have  met  some  many wonderful  people  since starting Stampin’Up!

Seriously Stampin’Up! really  has change my life .. 

I have always been a big believer in building  relationships  with  everyone

I  come in contact & Stampin  was no different  since  there

is a common ground  with us already  right ?


So many things  we can do with Stampin’Up!  products 

 the  possibilities are really endless .

My  girlfriend’s  husband  even added  dazzling  diamonds to his

Motorcycle gas tank for a  really awesome metal  flake look .. 

There is never a  dull moment  when  your stampin . 

Just looking through  our catalog  can give you ideas 

of all the  fabulous products to try yourself .


With hundreds  of  stamps  in just one catalog.

 It can be extremely  exciting .

Styles  always change and new products come  out 

This is why it is so exciting to always  get the

latest trends and newest products from Stampin’Up!

  Stampin’Up! has  many styles of  stamps to fit  anyone’s taste .


Rubber stamp


 Card stock

As easy as 1-2-3.. 

YES its  that easy and  even  more fun  when shared with friends


With so many companies  out there  in the Stampin  world 

you can rest assured that  Stampin’Up! knows  the stamping industry

  since they have been  in business since 1988  


How awesome it is to  have everything  color match  from

card stock 




Makes it really  super easy  to  design  your fabulous projects since 

products  color coordinate with each other .


What other Hobby/business  can you actually  get everyone  having a 

AWESOME time with instant results  from the youngest to the oldest there is NO age limits.

(you do have to be 18 years old to join)


I just love our  Hostess  program  

  and FREE $$ Money $$  to spend  in the Stampin’Up!  catalog ..

what could be better than  a fun night with friends  stampin & 

Free  goodies for the hostess .

DISCOUNT: Yup  you got it 

We  are back to the  whole reason I signed up to be a demo  in the 1st place 

the  wonderful discount.. NEED I say more? 

I LOVE my business !


Have YOU Ever thought of  joining Stampin’Up! for the

discount or running your own fun business?

Email me  for more details on what Stampin’Up! can do for YOU!!!

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