Open/ Save/Print Tutorials

How to Open/ Save/ Print

Stampin’ Anonymous Tutorials

I have  added a below to show you how to open and save the tutorials.

  When you get them for FREE  from me each month with your order

or when you purchase them from me HERE .

1st thing when you click the link to open your tutorials

look in the top right for the arrow

( between the magnified glass and the 3 dots)

see photo below 

  click that  arrow

this will download the tutorials to your computer .

depending on your computer  normally  the downloads are saved

in your “downloads file” on your computer 

once you  download this file  you can click on the file  either after it’s  finished downloading 

or  go into your “download file” and open it from there .

Once you open that download  you will be able to  print the file 

and or  scroll through the projects  on your computer and it will be saved there for future use.

I would recommend after downloading it  that you open a separate file and move all the  tutorials into this folder .

(shown in photo below) 

Hope this helps .

Thanks for peeking in today .