Good Morning .. Today is the day to get those last few things  ready for regionals tommorrow  we are leaving my house around 5:30am  to head to lansing   BUT before   we head out  I have another fun event tonight, its my scrapbook camp  got 10  of my stampin queens coming and gonna have a ton of fun  thats to be expected .. I am running  to Borders to get  another copy of my book I am reading to hand  deliver( hopefully )  it to Shellie Gardner ( and  maybe get a photo with her and my girls .. )  tommorrow .. Todays  upload is  my CD purse I made a few days ago  Its really hard to put  the actual template for this  purse on here  or anywhere for that matter   But I will give it a try  with the measurements anyway …  One of my Stampin Queens  gave me the  template for this CD purse  and I had to try and  re vamp it alittle( So maybe I could make a few for regionals swaps )   with  a few  other ideas

Front_view_of_snowflake_cd_purse  The 1st photo is using her template ( Thanks so Much Philly girl )  the measurements for base of purse are as follows ..  Bottom piece  is 2" X 3 1/2" score  on all sides 1/8 " and then score in  half at 1"  the 2 sides  measurements are  2" X3 1/4" score  in half at 1" and 1/8 score on 2 long sides .. thats pretty much it  I decorated the  CDs in  the snowflake paper in Holiday tyme  DS paper  added  white GG ribbon ( suck the ends under the  DS paper ~ between the CD and paper ) Side_view_of_cd_purse_1  these CD purses  are big enough to hold  the 3×3 card and envelopes .. The

The  other CD purse I made I used a small 3X5 brown  paper bag ( cut  down to fit  between the CD of course ) This way is alot easier But I feel IMHO the inside of purse when opened its  a tad to big  But still super dee duper  cute ..Cd_purse_1

   Tommorrow  there  will be no posting   since I will be gone all day , But I will  bring back lots of photos to share with you  of regionals I am soo excited .. Even if it is snowing  already here in MI ( YUCKY) Tigers  play game 3 here tonight  at Comerica  park  YAHOO!  Also on my list of things to day to is  to squeeze in a little  20 min nappy poo .. since  this week started it seems I have been on the go  go go go  so I want to be re freshed for tonights event and also for my very early  rise  tommorrow ..  But until that can happen I still have a handful of things to do  today  before 6:00pm tonight ..Cant wait  to meet  some of you tommorrow  in lansing  remember  be on the look out for my  Purple and black  hat ( Its the one on the left on my blog )  Have a Great weekend!!

Until later …..Happy Stampin!!