Shaker_crabby_pants How cute is this  shaker card  HUH?  especially  cause it showcases my Favorite  Mr Crabby Pants ..  wink wink ..  I  had to make one of these Fabulous   CD  envelope  shaker cards  as soon as I seen it ..  Thanks  Gwen  for forwarding it to me and  Thank you  so Much MARIA for the awesome  tutorial  on these  super cute 6×6 cards.. I bought my  CD envelopes  at Staples  mine are from memorex  and  I got a package of 100 for 12.95 .. My friend Gina  said she found them at Sam's  Club for a little more money but you  get alot more   envelopes  .. anyway.. you are gonna want to make  these  cause they are sooo cute and sooo easy peasy .. NO kidding .. My Bestest Friend Diane  gave me  some  sand  along  time ago  and Boy am I glad  I held on to   that cause  what would Mr Crabby Pants be  without sand  right ? .

Yesterdays Dr  visit was Great ..My Dr. said I am doing  so much  better than  I did  with my  other knee  18 months ago .. I got   a photo of  my knee in the X ray  But I will post that tomorrow  along with a updated  photo of what  the outside of my knee looks like .. he said for me to be patient on    the swelling of my knee .It will come down . But  thats  soo hard  ya know  Cause  I want it  down yesterday KWIM?  anyway he wants to see me again in 6 weeks  so thats great .. and  to keep  doing PT for the next  upcoming weeks …  Thanks  for all your prayers  girls .. 

So  Did you  watch the Finale  of Lost and  American Idol ?  Oh my goodness  sooo awesome .. I just Knew Jordin would win A I .. she was Awesome .. and  on to  LOST!!


I dont think  they will really be rescued  off the island.. Do you ? I think for once in Bens Lousy  life he may have been  telling the truth .. Jessie doesn't think Charlie  dies  for real …  I  did  cry though  for Charlie .. OMG  Penny  gets through and  she is not on a BOAT!! WHAT?  Thank God  the 3 were not shot .. YIPPIE for Hurley   what a HERO!!!! Just like  Lone  Ranger .. and YUP  Jack  does love Kate ..YAHOO!!!

BUT who died in the future anyway that got Jack all upset  I thought  for sure it was Kate  BUT we know  it wasnt her dont we …HUMMMM maybe Juliette? Boy didn't Walt  grown up  in Johns vison ?  or was it  for real ? I was  sooo proud  of jack  kickin Bens BOOTY..  Go Jack Go Jack !! what a Guy!!! ok your thoughts on last night  girls .. was it the best  2 hours  or what ? Iloved every minute  of it  and I didn't  want it to end  BOO HOO!

see you tomorrow  ..

Until later .. Happy  Stampin!