Angies_goodies_she_sent_me Nope No new catalogs yet ( Boy I wish )  .. But  something  that comes in a close runner up  for exciting mail is  something  from my  Great friend ANGIE .. She emailed me  last Wednesday and  thought we should send  each other something  we made .. ya know  something fun ,  cute and  something to spark some  stampin fun of our own .. and Look what I got  YIPPEE!!! I so love everything Angie  makes. She is sooo Talented  and  to think she sent this  super  cute  Mini note  card holder  to me along with  the   oh so adorable doggie  stamp  pack and  super cute   mini doggie buttons.. OH I  just LOVE  it all  Angie  Thank you  so Much!!!  You ROCK GF!!

This Past Saturday  at our  club night  My bestest  Gal Gina  brought in  a ton of  cards from her   children’s  schools  ( check out that updated  amount for the cards for the troops ) the cards were made by Children and also Teachers .. Thank you  so Much..  Such cute cards. Speaking of cards  Boy I have been  slacking in posting   some of those cards for the troops  you  all have sent in  .E So very thankful I did take photos of them  since   a ton are already  gone and  probably on their way back to  the states  to the their loved ones , anywho .. Here  are  a few  of the  cards for the troops  I still have photos of  and  I will try and share  them  with you  on each post  every day  Okey dokey ..

L          Yesterday at P.T  Todd wasn’t  feeling to good  ( stuffy  nose ) and  I  really guess  he wasn’t feeling good cause  even though I  did  the torcher chamber   machine  He was  fairly easy on me  for the rest of my  PT. Guess I need to make him either a  Get well soon  card  OR maybe   a  Thank you card  Hee! Hee!  I will put it  in the mail today  so it will show up   tomorrow  when I don’t go  see him ,Thats  kinda nice  huh? getting mail at work  instead of hand delivering it to him today  .. What do you think ?

Have a  Terrific  Tuesday girls and I will see you tomorrow  for more stampin fun!!

Until later…. Happy  Stampin!!