Goodies_from_gina_w Howdy  girls ..  I seem  so far behind ..   I  am finally  getting around to posting  what all happened  last Friday night  at my  East side club ..OH boy we had a blast .. Our Hostess  Gina rocked the house  with tons of food and  Then look what she made for all of  us  that  attended  the club night . Her goody  held  so many  cuttle bug  Samples  WOWZIE!!  See that top one  laying  down ? I have that one on its way to me as I write this ,. I just love  her goodies she made for us . Can you see the  sour cream container  she also gave us  that held mints ..  Our_hostes_gina What a Nice thing  Gina  did  for all of us .. Thank you  GF!!  Ok  here are a few of the photos I got  from that club meeting also ..  Here is our Hostess Gina   with  what she loves to do . (Stamping  Of course ) Trish_a and  here is  Trish .

Trish is  such a sweetie   she has opened her home for us on a  few club nights. Her basement is  sooo Perfect for  our  meetings ..  Thank you  so Much Trish  for  letting us use  your home on  Club night .

Ok on  to  the next photo . Here is  Our  sweet and Crazy Laurie .. OH my   she  had me laughing   so hard a  couple times .. ( Remember us  Girls chatting  about  my hubby’s BIG return  home  Hee! Hee!   ) Laurie  does not  Like her photo taken so Laurie This was the best one I got that night .. I have more  of her  in my  web shots  if you  must see  her  Hee! Hee!

Then there is  Carol and Jenny in the next photo .. OH my  we all crack up with Carols  Darth Vader impression.. Hee! Hee!  Carol_jenny and sweet Jenny  is still  trying to convince her  hubby  that all we really  do at these club meeting is Stamp  Hee! Hee! Like  what could there be that brings such pleasure and smiles to our faces  than  Stampin .. Ok besides that Wink Wink ..  What a HOOT that meeting was!  come to think of it Its always  fun stampin with friends,  having FUN chit chat and eating  Great food ..   HUH?

Goodie_from_carol_grant Then look at this super cute card Carol made  for me .  She also made  our Hostess Gina one too .. Lucky us HUH? Plus I got more cards for the troops  from Jenny  too .. Thank you  girls for making  our club night so much FUN!!!

Cherish_2_2 This was one of the  2 projects we made  that night  using the  Baroque Motifs set .. I would show you the other BUT  I have another stampers club tonight and we have to  keep  at least one of the projects a surprise  Right ..

OH boy I feel another fun night  tonight coming on .Yesterday evening Steve  fixed  our computer ..YIPPEE!  which I had no  worries  about him  fixing the  situation  ..What I was concerned about was  Jessie and I  hooking it all back up ..  Jessie is sooo SMART!! and so is my  best Gal Angie ..Hee!Hee!  Jessie and I just labeled the  cord’s  and it was a breeze  Thanks GF!!

Thank’s  for  peeking in and see you tomorrow …

Until later … Happy Stampin!!