1_just_for_you_with_bella ItsONLY been 8 weeks since my  knee replacement  surgery,  actually it was 8 weeks  exactly yesterday &   I had my  8 week follow up with my  doctor and  all is FABULOUS!!! Praise God !  But  what  else is  Hard to believe  Is  That I bought 2 Bella  stamps   a few weeks before my Surgery  and this  was the  1st thing I actually  stamped  with  them  that I  liked how it turned  out .. Of course  don’t  go calling the SU! Police  just yet Cause everything else  I used  for this card  is SU!  which is My 1st  Stampin LOVE .I am not  quite sure why Its sooo hard for me to  use these Bella’s ..  I love what  everyone does with them  But Man I  am just not getting it myself ..  Its the P-I-T-S I tell ya,Cause  the Bella’s  are sooo cute ..  So until I  overcome my issues with  them I may  have the  only 2 Bella’s  in the world  collecting  dust ..  I really have to play more with them I suppose. I did Put in a suggestion though  with Ms Bella herself  and asked  if  she would  design a GLITTER Bella  Now that might just do the  trick  for me .. Nothing  on that  suggestion yet BOO HOO!   

Ok  on to what I all used for this  cute card .. I used  my  Favorite New IN color  Groovy Guava  and  Soft sky  DS paper (  for background and also for Ms. Bella’s Pants and Present .. Can you  tell ?)   & Card stock  along with Pixie pink  and  a  touch of  black GG ribbon  and  Card stock . and for the   adorable flowers I used the  new  Three for you Punch Kit   OOOHH I so Love this  kit .  All Rubber is die cut for you, You get  3 Stampin spots (  which 2 are of  the new IN colors w/ Black too )   and   a fabulous Punch  what more  could a  gal ask  for ..  and then finally I used  my  white Gel pen.


Last Night at VBS  was sooo  super fun  and Pastor Brad  gave us all a BIG laugh .. I must back up to  Monday night  1st. Ok Pastor Brad was telling all the childern  that if  they all reach a certain goal  in the offering  to help a missionary  family  he  would let us all   pour  Green SLIME on him  on Friday night    right after  our  family night presentation  Ok  fast forwarding it to last night . Pastor  Brad  was soo Funny  cause while   reminding the childern about  the mission money  goal  and him  being  slimed if this amount is reached by Friday . Pastor_brads_doctor_note He all of a  sudden  pulls out a DOCTORS NOTE and shows it to all the kids . BUT the funny part is when he opens  up the Note and reads it to the kids ( Photo below says it all .. Hee! Hee! ) .Pastor_brad_with_note_slime_alergy  Pastor Brad of course asks them if they believe him and They all  say NO! so It looks like  Pastor  Brad  will be getting  slimed if we all raise  the certain amount by Friday  that is unless he can  come up  with another   funny excuse  to pull over on the kids tonight . Stay tuned … Hey by the way do you all see that Blimp behind Pastor ? Its remote  controlled .. OH my its sooo awesome ..  Rich would have loved that thing .. Steve & Linda  bought it  and  Steve  has  the fun flying it all around .How cool is that to  go with our  Game Day Central   theme in  Sports .Joann_dawn_judy Ok  one more photo for the day .. Here is a photo of  My Friend Dawn  ( in back ) ( Yup see I know soo many  awesome Dawn’s ) Her mom  and My Mom ( on the  right in Tiger  shirt) .. Such a cute bunch huh?

BIG BIG Thank you  To my gal  and Glitter Queen Harriet  for her Beautiful Cards for the  troops and extra  envelopes  ( Thank you!! Thank you !!) .. What a Wonderful surprise to find her   box  tucked into my back door when I  got home  from VBS last night .. Plus little   Extra goodies   for me   wink wink  Thank you  Harriet Your sooo sweet!!

Thanks  for peeking in today .

Until later .. Happy Stampin!!