14_cards_for_troops Today I wanted to highlight  some of the fabulous cards   you all sent in for the troops ..  I can  now say I Have 9 boxes left to send out .I have paired up  all the remaining cards  I had  with envelopes  N that you all  had sent in  and or  sent money to help this cause Thank you all so much.  Please take a look  at  THE BEFORE  photo  and Now look at  what we have  left ..Cards_for_the_troops_9_boxes_left Every  single card  has a envelope now Praise God! .. Thank you all  who  helped on this  envelope  mission also.Cftt4  The out pour of Love  was Enormous  Thank you all so very much  from the bottom of my heart  girls. Our troops  just love  the cards  . Rich will be taking  at least a couple boxes back with him when he  returns to Iraq in September  and  He also says he has more  photos  for us  when he comes home .. stay tuned . F_cards_for_the_troops I think I will  showcase the cards for the troops  on Sundays for  a wee bit  until  the  photos I have on file have all been showcased .. How does that sound ? There is NO way I could  add watermarks to  the photos of  each card But if you spot your’s  or  a friends  please post a comment  and let me know .  since  I had  dumped  the thousands of cards out on to my living room  floor    everyones cards  got all mixed up in the bunch  so I have no idea who’s is who’s .. Cards_for_the_troops_101  so  thats  why I  just  added the  Cards for the  troops  watermark to all photos . Enjoy    todays gallery of  Fabulous cards girls .Rich_1 Last night  My honey bunch sent me   a few photos  of him YAHOO!  He has  grown a beard  since he  has left and Rich_2 OH my I love it .. Reminds me of grizzly Adams Hee! Hee! OH my  goodness  9 days   Left, ( NO WAY can you  believe  it ?)   Yahoo Single digits  Now. I can’t hardly stand it  girls ..  seriously  I am  soooo EXCITED!   All I want to do is kiss him all over his  beautiful face ..  Hey girls do me a favor  and Kiss your  all over  your hubby’s  face and tell him how much you love him , You  dont have to say I asked you too either  Wink wink ! .. Jessie_codie_at_the_car_wash_8180_2 Yesterday was  the car  wash for Jessie and  her classmates   here  are a couple photos of  that  fun day  raising money for their  Senior  trip in 2010.. Hummm Maybe  a Disney Cruise … The_gang_at_the_car_wash_81807 Ok just one more Photo  K?  here is Jessie and I  at the car wash yesterday  too .. Jessie_and_me_at_the_car_wash_81807 Man she is  sooo tall an
d I am sooo short .. Look  she is showing  some PDA  ( Public  display of Affection )  to her Momma  AAAugh.

This was  such a  fun post for me today.  Thanks  for  looking  and  for all your  sweet emails  & comments  about  you  girls counting  down the days  with us . Its been  such a blessing to share  my life with you all .

Until  Later… Happy Stampin!