Goodies_from_harriet  For our club night   a  few  weeks ago Harriet gave us all this   super cute folder with all  kinds of goodies inside .. what a sweet   gift  we all got from Harriet ..Thank you girlie ..Harriets_candy_bars  and then last week  Harriet  brought over these  3 Candy bars she made  ( Yes Harriet is a Glitter Queen  also )  and cased the idea from  our  Stampin Success magazine .. She gave one to me , Jessie and  my mom  are they cute or what .. Thank you   again Harriet they look YUMMY!!  ..  Our  club meeting  was  alot of fun . Club_night_72707 Here are  the cards my girls  made that evening. We always have so much fun on our  club night .. Speaking of which tonight is our August  club night  stay  tuned for more fun  photos  of  our  Stampin night together . Until later …Happy Stampin Girls! Club_night_projects_2_72707_2