Susan_brought_us_all_a_little_gift This past Friday night was  Club night   Here are some pic’s  of our  fun stamping time together.. Our Hostess was Susan and she  brought  us all gifts  I of course got a purple one  they hold either a  photo or a recipe card   they are sooo cute .

  Here is mine  up close .Thank you Susan .My_gift_from_susan_notice_the_pur_2 

Here are some more photos of  my  stampin queens  Kelsey_and_laura_smiling_for_the__2 . Here is Laura and Kelsey getting ready to leave  Laura_kelsey_looking_at_my_board but not  before checking out my  display  board 

Susan_our_hostess_with_robyn_my_mom Here is our Hostess Susan( middle )  with  My Mom and Robyn .. YUP Robyn came ( YAHOO!)  and had fun stamping .. (Funny thing yesterday  at church Robyn  told me  she   was dreaming of Stamping .. Maybe it was the seed I planted  when I told her she  would  Hee! Hee! ) I actually have a  really awesome photo of her and her cards  that  she  made  with  us  But I will  wait to post that  cute photo   later this week cause  I want the cards to be a surprise for my  club  girls this Friday night with my East Side Stampers . Harriet  was  on vacation  and we all missed you girlie ( Hi girlie ) .. Big Thank you to Susan  for  her  cards for the troops  also .. Thanks  for  stopping in today ,  and Have a Marvelous Monday  girls. We are getting lots of Much needed rain this morning .

Until later .. Happy Stampin!!