Cards_for_the_troops_box_from_barb_ OH my  I got  this  HUGE package in the mail a couple days ago and It was from my  friend Barb Mann and her friends ( Kay ,Toni, Joani and Pat )  Troops_35 and  you will never guess what was inside this HUGE BOX???  take a look .. It is holding 333 cards for the troops ..  Cards_for_the_troops_1000_e WOWZIE  so many beautiful cards  girls ..Cards_for_the_troops_6002 all of them will be soo loved   by ourTroops_27  troops .. SO this makes the  Grand total for the cards for the troops 6,521 Oh My goodness ..  Thank you  all so much Cards_for_the_troops_1000_g .. Cards_for_the_troops6009 Ok Now on to the  show  and BOY I am showing alot of the Cards  today That I have received over the last 7 months Enjoy them all .. Cards_for_the_troops_6004


Until tomorrow .. Happy Stampin!!

Cards_for_the_troops_flag Troops_18