All_in_the_family_on_vellum_sheets_  Don’t we all love ALL IN THE FAMILY ??  the stamp set of course is what I am talking about .. Well I  thought I would  show  you all how I  did mine .. I  mounted all the images on their  blocks of wood (  just as usual ) But I then took it a step further  and  numbered  each stamp in  groups of 4  for example : I took these 4 stamps  and  marked  a #1 on the side of the  wood block   this number  #1 is  for  the vellum sheet I made for these images  already made up  using my  stamp a ma jig  so each stamp  I want can be  located  by  the number  on the side  and  matching it up to the  vellum sheet …All_in_the_family_on_vellum_sheet_2   Here are what  they all look like finished . This  set works Great with the stamp a ma jig  so I  went ahead and  did them all  for future  use if I need it .. Then all 7 small  sheets  of vellum will fit inside  the stamp set case as shown in  the next photo … All_in_the_family_vellum_sheets_3 Thank you  all  who purchased this stamp set  this month  your  thoughtfulness  to want to help  the Abbott family  is sooo  awesome ..

Merry_little_christmas_2 Here is my card I made with this set .. OK girls  can you  spot me ??? Come on  you know I am the short one in  purple Hee!Hee!  how stinkin cute is  that .. we can  make personalized goodies  so  many possiblities  I tell ya .. I hand cut out  Jessie’s  and my  dress   and also Rich’s tie  and popped them up on  dimensionals .. I also used  cute converse ( retired )  for the saying and also the snowflake from cold  play for the  edges of my  card.  I really like the  saying Merry LITTLE Christmas .. kinda fits  with us  being on the little side , Well so to speak  Hee! Hee! .. and then theres the glitter  on us girls ..Even bowzer has a glitter collar even though you  can’t see it in this photo  Boo Hoo!

Samp00f20f9ed7e6520e IF  you  are  still on the fence about  getting  this set .. Guess what  you  can still Help  this   beautiful family  and get FREE shipping  on this set  from me  until   11:45pm Eastern  time   tonight .. YES I will  more than likely be up waiting for the  retirement  list to be posted anyway so  come on you  know you  want this set .. Its helping  a wonderful family + FREE shipping(within the United  States ONLY) ..SO WHY not?   EMAIL me Today ..

Have a Fabulous weekend  girls  and Thanks  for  clicking back in to visit me  a 2nd time  today ..Tomorrow Dec 1st is my  Daughters 15th Birthday .I have a few things I have to do for  that  special day .. Busy Busy Busy ! Have sweet dreams tonight of the retirement list .. I am sooo excited 🙂 Not  so excited to see what will be  going bye bye But  with the retirement  list coming tomorrow I know that the new catalog is right  around the corner  YIPPEE!! NEW goodies coming !!

Until Tomorrow  … Happy Stampin!!