New_headset Hee! Hee! well  you all are probably  wondering how in the world  could this be a  Stampin tool RIGHT? Well  let me just say Its the best stampin tool around because  I can talk on the  phone and stamp at the same  time  Hee! Hee!  This has got to be the  best  stamping tool I  got  resently. A  headset  for your phone is a MUST  especially for us multi taskers out there .. You can see  the one I got  here  at RADIO SHACK .. But you  can find them online or in  your  electronic  stores  I am  sure just about anywhere.. Now I am ready to  chat when  ever you all are .. Give me a ring if you  want  and you  can hear how great my  new stampin tool works ….Hee! Hee! This afternoon I have a  Workshop  that is Christmas themed   gonna be so much fun at Hollys’ today   

Samp4b4920c2318b78ad Have a fabulous Glitter filled day  girls .

Until Tomorrow… Happy Stampin!