Troops_with_cards Thought  I would share a  couple more photos My hubby took of the troops with your beautiful cards ..  Sorry they are not  that clear  But still exciting  to see  the guys  with  the cards HUH? Yesterday  was a busy day  We had a fix up day at our church .. Jessie was helping clean the Nursey  toys  with Bleach and  she  had a  reaction toPhoto_of_troops_with_cards_edited_3   breathing that  for almost 2 hours  and  when we returned Home  she said her throat  felt like it was tight and could hardly breath.  We went to the  Medical clinic and  she ended up  getting a breathing treatment  and  then also   a RX of steroids for 5 days .  Talk about a scare  of a lifetime …  I  also had to delay our club meeting by an hour last night. Thank you  girls  for understanding . Your the BEST!

Have a  Fabulous Sunday girls  and I will see you again tomorrow ..

Until later.. Happy Stampin!!