Troops_j More Beautiful cards for the troops  to showcase today .. Remember  April 1st is the cut off date for sending  in your cards for the troops . 

Cards_for_the_troops_4 If you  wish to view  any of the photos in a Larger  screen just click on image. Last night was my  East Side club meeting  . We all had a super fun night stamping together.We had Kristen join us ( Hi Kristen ) she found me  through my blog ( It was   sooo  awesome to meet  her IRL  and have  fun stampin)   I had a very busy day yesterday, So it  looks like it may be  a relaxing day today after church .. If your interested  in  joining  one of my clubs Or Troops_e  want to start  your own Club with me Click HERE to  view more information on the clubs I offer . Thank you  all  for your  encouragement on my  Video  tutorials  I so enjoy making them  and your sweet emails / comments  makes it even more fun .. DVD’s  are  still available  HERE . I mainly  started  this DVD’s program  for those that have dial up  and are unable to  view  the videos   on their Internet connection ..Troops_m BUT I have sold many that just want the DVD/s  for  them to  refer back to as often as they  wish by just using their Home TV and  DVD player Or  have it play in your Stampin room   where you can stamp right along with me ( pause, Fast forward or rewind as much as you like ) A Big thank you  to all of you that have purchased my DVDs .. More  DVDs will be available in the future. If you have any questions Please email me HERE Have a Wonderful Sunday  and I will see you all again  tomorrow ..

Until later… Happy Stampin!