Troops_1 Howdy girls :

Today is the day I pass the info out to you  wonderful stampers that want to still  show your love  by  sending  our troops  your  beautiful hand stamped Cards .. I have  been in contact with these  4 wonderful ladies Troops_2  personally  and Please if you  wish to  send your  cards  to them   Just contact them  via the  links below  and  I know  you all will be in  good hands. God  Bless you  girls  that continue with this  awesome mission  for our  Troops.   

Troops_3 Girls  to contact  for  the Cards for the  troops are :





Side note on Debbi : Something happened with her  Husband that may be a delay in her responding back to you  as quickly  as she normally  does  Please  be patient with her.

Thank you  so Much ! Together  we sent  close to 7,000 cards  to our troops within the last 10 months .Troops_5  I know they want to  Thank each of you  for bringing  Joy  and smiles to  their  faces and their  families also.

Your all ROCK!

Thank you  from the bottom of my heart  girls .

I put this video together  of  some  cards for the troops & photos of my hubby some  of which have already been shared on my  blog But  this  AWESOME song is 4 1/2 Mins. long and I just COULD NOT  stop once the song started .. It makes me cry every time I hear it  so needless to say,  I was a crying MESS  when I was making this video Friday night..

I Love all of you!