Troops_b Cards for the troops  showcase today ..  Quick note to please Remember I will stop accepting Cards for the troops  April 1st.  Next week I will  post  some  blogger girls that are  continuing  this mission  and  you  can always hook up with them .. I  also received  a box ofTroops_k  soo many  beautiful cards for the troops  yesterday  from Snookie Hilker Thank you  girlie ..  Update on my hubby .. He has been transfered to a new base ( very small ) in  the area which was known as Babylon  in Bible times  and well  I’m  requesting  prayers for him  and all who are over in Iraq seems Troops_d  bombs are  hitting  this  base  where  my hubby  is  at daily  sometimes  up to 12 times a day  I can’t imagine  the fear  they live with every day over there . My hubby  is also waiting hear  about the State dept  Job he  applied for.  We are also praying for God’s will for  this situation also .. He is very excited  about  that  position  But  with good  things ,Cards_for_the_troops_2  It  seems  to have  a  down  side  HUH? ..  When he  gets this position w/ the State dept it looks like he will be over there  for at least  another year , Praise God  that HE is in control  and I have faith in what ever happens  will be  the perfect  thing for him and us .  God is using him in  ways  we would have never thought . Thank you  for your prayers  girls . Wishing you  all a Very Blessed Resurrection Sunday. Praise God~ He has Risen 

Until later… Happy Stampin!