Car_pooling_buddies_for_scs_event_i Wow what a great time  I had putting  beautiful faces to all the  awesome  bloggers and SCS stampers I met  on today .  Had a Chance to take a few  photos  so I thought I would share them with you .Car pooling with Harriet and Dawn  was  super Great and made the  drive so much sweeter.  Thanks  girls 🙂 I got to met  so many of you. Here  are a few other photos   I had a chance to  get  while we  were there .

Group_pic This photo  has JEN & SHARON with us . What a  Great bunch of gals . I  enjoyed  chatting with them, Plus learned a few new things to boot  gotta love that.:-)Thanks Sharon  for your Great tip on tieing  a ribbon bow  AWESOME!

Rose_ann_demoing_the_copic_markers Then my   blogger friend ROSE ANN was pretty busy  telling us about the copics and she even brought  extras  for us to be able to use the copics also.YAHOO!   I was able to chat with her  for awhile   and  she even gave me a MR Crabby pants shadow box card  which I will show you all later  this week ( Its is soooo  stinkin awesome ! )   But I was able to snap  this photo of her while she demoed the copic markers  ( which are Wonderful~ Thanks Rose Ann you did a Fabulous )   

Dawn_lorien Then  to  top off this wonderful event my  blogger friend LORIEN bought in a HUGE box of cards for the troops  OH my  goodness ..Thank you  so Much  Lorien! Such beautiful cards girlie. Here is  a photo of her and I,  What a  Hoot  we had  laughing while stamping (Note to self : Make  Mr crabby pants with Trousers .. Hee ! Hee! ) Only  Lorien would appreciate that  🙂  Thanks  for a wonderful time  girls. I look forward to seeing you all again  one day soon .

Until later… Happy Stampin!!