Blog_candy_give_a_way Hi Stampers :

Today is the  day  for  some  Blog Treats .. This  post will remain  up on  top  until the  drawing  for this blog candy  which will be  Wednesday  May 14th .. Blog_candy Look at all the goodies  I have  for this Blog candy ..  got alot  of  treasures I have posted  from my  Dollar store  Plus a couple extra things .. But  look how this  blog candy will be shipped to the lucky  person  whos name is  drawn .. Pretty   cute huh? Its a  3 liter soda    bottle .What is really  amazing is that the  mug even fits inside (wouldn't fit in a 2 liter bottle, way to small ..  But after some  squeezing  everything  fits . WHEW!!

So in  honor of my  1 year anniversary  of my  knee  replacement PLUS  a  Blog milestone  of over 700,000  visits ~PLUS

The  really BIG~ HUGE!~ GINORMOUS News  is that My hubby  got in  to the State dept .  He  found out last week  and he  got all his clearances  for NAS, CIA & FBI  he just needs to be finger printed  which  he will  do that  either in Bagdad or when he  comes  home  ( which will be  sooner than  July  since the job  starts in July )  We  both are sooo excited about this News and all the doors  this will open for him.

SOOOOOO Its time for  some  Happy Blog  candy ..

Blog_candy_give_a_way_2 To be entered It's simple enough:

Just post a  comment  below  on this post  ( Must be this post  so I can keep track )

Your comment   can be  anything you  want

( ONE Comment  per  person please )

Just make sure your  comment  is posted  below  before Wednesday morning ( May 14th ).  Drawing will be  Wednesday  Morning  at 6:00am  and  I  will post the name of the stamper who is picked on this post  Wednesday morning .

Thank you  all so much for  visiting  and  I will see you tomorrow ..

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Until later.. Happy Stampin!