Party is all ready Hi Stampers:

We had an Awesome time at my H.A.P  last night ..  Alot of my  Stampin Queens  have been with me  from the very begining  & Hostess awards Even though we are different in many ways  Group photo #1 One thing  is for  sure is that  I love each of them  and I am so very  Blessed  that they  are  letting me  be a part of their life.  The group photo  here is the  one I will print out  and mail  to  my  stampin queens  for all their  6×6 pages we made last night also .  3 Hostess awards Everyone eating were handed out  for top sales  and  they each won  a Stack & Store . played  a couple games  with prizes  Nothing huge in the game deptartment  as past years( we had lots of M&Ts  instead )   But  winners won  a paper pack,  glue sticks, packs of  Dimensionals.

Dessert One game  had a post it note  under  chairs  the one sitting there  won a prize. Like I said  nothing  really  hard  for  anyone  to  do  But its  still fun  winning  SU goodies  right ?

Hawaiian was  the themethis year  and we had  Hawaiian pizza ( Ham , Bacon and pineapple ) Yummy .Cleaning up laura and my Mom With bread  and  a  cute pineapple arrangement for dessert  that  I bought before hand at  Edible Arrangements  ever  since I  got this one  from my  dear Blogger friend Brenda  when My hubby was  home the last  time   HERE . I just love  this company  so I knew I wanted to treat my  girls  to  one  as well . All projects  for  my 5  M&T's  used the Hawaiian  Papaya Designer paper # 112460   also. 

Big hugs   to Jessie and Chelsea  for helping me  decorate  and  Big hugs  to Laura and my Mom  for helping me clean up ..

We had 9 stamping queens there with my  other 9  Flower pens for everyone stampin queens  unable  to attend  Boo Hoo! due to previous ps  or being  sick .  Maybe next year we can get everyone  there Cause it is sooo much more fun with all my  Stampin queens. Philly making 6x6 page You can click  on any photo to enlarge your  viewing  pleasure  . I also made all my  stampin  queens  a Flower pen  for them to  take home  as a memento  from last nights  annual event , As well as the purple leis ( Now really ~ Did you  think they would be any other color? ) Hee! Hee!


I also Jo Jo & Philly with M&Ts thought I  would  share this awesome  video with you  today ( below ) .. Even though  he is  talking to his Dad  I thought it  would apply  to any of us ..  This video Holly with one of the M&T's is sooooo sooo AWESOME! . Get the kleenex again stampers Another M&T photo cause it is VERY touching & true .






Group photo #2  JoJo ridding the big wave Have a Fabulous Sunday  and thank you  for stopping  by today.

JoJo's flip flops  I will see you  again tomorrow 

Until then… Happy Stampin!! 

JoJo  what a Hoot  you  were last night ~  Love your outfit  and your  flip flops  and loved the way you  rode the Big  wave .. Hang 10 Girlfriend .

I love you  Stampin queens  you make my life  so much brighter !!



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