Hoot hoot Hooray Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday !! 

So how  was  the extra hour of  sleep ? 

 Interesting  article  on why  we do this and when it all started  click HERE

Lets call my Sunday share today "Sunday LINK day" Hee! Hee!

Todays  card  I used  the Owl Together Now # 111534 this set is  just darling .. I made the card   with the  template  you  can find HERE .Love all the googley  eyes too .

Can you  believe  NOV 4th is ONLY 2 days away?

 I know who I am voting for  DO YOU?  I know what ever happens on Nov 4th ~  It's all still  in Gods hands.  

 Don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday Nov 4th 

Tina Fey as  Sarah Palin ? You haven't seen  this little  girl  then.


I have been contacted by many of you  that you are not  receiving my  feed from my  blog .. If you signed  up  with  the RSS feed  and have not been  getting my  feeds in your  email  box Please sign up  with Feedburner  or feedblitz  which are available  long the left hand side about mid way down under Mr. Crabby Pants gallery .  Speaking of Mr Crabby pants  Where has he been lately ? HUMMM seems I need to  bring him out  again Before He feels like he has been replaced  with new  goodies HUH? Thank you  all for letting me  know about  the feed  issue .

How about  a  few more  videos..

YAHOO looks whats  coming back  January 2009  Take a Peek HERE

Click HERE for Carrie Underwood's new video  get the Kleenex again  

Ok  now wipe the tears and  watch this surprise

Until later… Happy Stampin!!



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