Peggys workshop 9-11-09 #2 Hi Stampers:

Happy Sunday !

This weekend  has been so exciting . Peggys workshop 9-11-09 #1 Friday night Peggy had  her workshop  with 24 stampers  there HOLY MOLY!  ( see photos)   We had So much fun 

 Peggys workshop 9-11-09 # 3 Karl is in this photo Guess what ? I had  my 1st Male Stamper in attendance at Peggys workshop His name is Karl ..  That was so stinkin Awesome !!( see photo )

 2 projects  were made But  I will share  those later since I have  both projects  on video that will be posted   this next week  ( stay tuned )

Last night  was  my stampers club meeting  and  this is always a Fun time  with my girls 🙂 ( see photos )

Stampers club #1 Please feel free to click on  any photos to enlarge  your viewing 🙂

Stampers club #2 I wanted to let  you  all know  that I will be leaving  for Founders  Circle event  on  this upcoming Wednesday.

 I am so exicted !! .

 I still have  to finish  my Founders Circle  swaps. I have  about 20 more swaps to make . Looking  at  the 99 or so I have  done  already is pretty impressive. I am  looking  forward  to seeing what everyone  has made  for their  swaps ~so much fun!

Here is my Sunday Share  video .I Love Love Love this song .  I actually posted a different version to this song HERE .

Have a Fabulous  Sunday .

 Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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