Me & Shelli at Founders circle 09

Hi Stampers :

I feel as Though I have a smile embedded on my face  from  the AMAZING  Founders  Circle  event  so many of my friends asked me what the highlight of my  1st Founders circle was ?

There is NO possible way to narrow it down to  even a hand ful of highlights  that I loved the most ~  since I loved EVERYTHING That took place over the 5 days  of  Founders circle .  So over  the next Few days I will  touch on just a few  in details ~How  does that sound ?

Shelli at welcome dinner

Shelli at Rising star get together 1st night

1st having Shelli  at Founders  Circle was  sooo wonderful  she was so accessible  to all of us  there  I felt as though I was dreaming. 

Shelli Stamping

 Shelli  took   time  to chat  with  and  share  herself with  all of us .  She took part in everything we did  ~

Shelli's swap card from Founder's Circle 2009

yes even swapping her card   and  stamping. This was sooo amazing :) 


Next on my  most memorable  highlight  are all the Fabulous friends 



I made at Founder's  . 

Carolyn New Demo that worked at the hotel



Being the  new kid


on the block at





everyone made me  feel very special  and  so many  friendships were  started at this event





that I hope  to have  for a lifetime .  So many  of my  friends  I knew already  made this  amazing  event  even  sweeter.

I added My photos  from Founders circle   in a gallery ( top right side of my  blog )   I will  touch base on  these  photos over the  next few days  But  go take a peek  if you like  and  please  click on any photo  here  in my  blog post  to enlarge  your viewing .

I still have  many photos  to upload  so check those out later  as well .

Have a Fabulous Day Stampers 🙂 I have  alot  to catch up on  so Thank you so much for  your understanding 🙂

Until later… Happy Stampin!

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