2009-002 Hi Stampers :

 I am soo excited to get My digital studio  in the mail today I have been having  so much fun  creating  pages.

  I even sent up a  catagory on the  right  just for My Digital Studio items ..

I  just created 2 pages  and this is soo  much fun I can't believe it .

 Anywho here is the  1st page I created  it seriously  took me 20 mins  to create  ( after I figured everything out  of course ) 

 I LOVE IT!  It is  so easy and so much fun! Of course my  1st page  is very  very simple  I did add the  flowers along  side of my  photos and the larger  flower on the top along with  the  text . 

Thanks   for  stopping back in  today

See you  later.

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