Halloween is a Hoot box closed

Hi Stampers :

Todays  video we will be making this  super  cute  small Halloween box . 

Halloween is a Hoot box Opened

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Karl ~ Dawns 1st male stamper

Remember back  when I shared  with you photos from Peggys workshop  HERE  ? ( Peggy's requested her workshop be a Halloween theme )

Well I am finally posting the  photo of Karl ( My 1st male  stamper I had  at Peggys Workshop)  

 I didn't share Karl's  photo with you until I  got  the  video's made on the 2 projects  we made at Peggys  workshop , Anywho ..

Here is Karl  with his projects  he made  isn't that AWESOME!! 

You can  view the  video on the  envelope  Hot cocoa packet HERE  

You can view the one  Karl is holding upclose HERE  both are  the same  item, I Just  used a different  stamp set  to change them theme.

( That's what is  so awesome about stamping  make any project into  any theme  you  want  just by changing the  stamp set and  other items  YOU want,

 Like todays  small Halloween box make it a Christmas Box , Easter Box, Birthday box etc… Just by changing the  stamp set & other items ~ LOVE IT!!  🙂

Until later.. Happy Stamping!

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