Bowzer 10-25-09 Hi Stampers:

 Happy Sunday Friends !

 This past week Jessie snapped this photo of Bowzer Oh my goodness   I swear I almost pee'd my pants  from laughing  so hard. Our  dog  is  sooo funny  sometimes  and he doesn't even know it .

Today we are visiting Jessie's friends  Church . They had a fire  awhile ago  and  they rebuilt  their Church ~Praise God~ & Today is  their  1st offical day of  opening their  new church building & He Invited Jessie & I  to be there  this morning .

For my Sunday share video today I recieved this video link  from my Friend Deb.

  OH my  goodness  this  video I am sure  will  make  you laugh .. that is unless your  young (say under 20 ). Thank you Deb for the  Laugh!  I Love it  and my Mom will too 🙂


Have a Fabulous Sunday !

Can't view my Sunday Share video , Click HERE

Until later… Happy Stampin!