Jess & Ash January 2010 Hi Stampers : Happy Sunday !

Well this past Friday night  started my journey  with having 2 teenagers in  the house 🙂 Jessie's Friend Ashleigh  is staying  with us  for 10 days  while her parents  are in Florida. 

Something cute happened yesterday after I made a  super sparkly card.  I always  show Jessie my  finished  projects  to get her response BUT now I have "2 daughters" so when I showed them my  finished card "#2 daughter" Ashleigh  said OOOOOOO that is  so  Sparkly and Glamorous. What a HOOT!

I will share  that card with you  tomorrow . stay tuned 🙂

For my Sunday share  today I wanted to  share  with you  this video my Glitter Queen Jennifer  sent me  this past week OH my goodness  I am such a dog lover and this  will touch  your heart  on so many levels  I laughed and cried  while watching  todays amazing  video .

Get the Kleenex  friends 🙂


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P.S I have recieved the email below  from Ricochet re: The video  posted here on my blog post .

This is Ricochet, the dog on the video "From service dog to SURFice dog" you previously posted to your site. 
My mom wanted me to write and tell you that some changes had to be made to the video, which will probably affect how it plays on your site. 
We want to continue inspiring people that visit your site, so can you please replace the embed code with this URL/link? 
If it's not too much trouble to re-tweet, re-email, etc so your visitors have the right information, that would be great.
Again, we apologize for any inconvenience, but my mom has spent an incredible amount of time trying to stop the abuse, and that has taken time away from me, our causes, and life.  We hope you understand.  
Please encourage your followers to join me on facebook and twitter, as well as my website (links are below).  Thanks again for your help and understanding.



Until later.. Happy Stampin!