Sparkley & glamorous heart card Hi Stampers :

Today's card is one  that my  #2 daughter  called Sparkly & Glamorous ! Hee! Hee!  

  I also  did  an video on how I did this card  using the Glitter window technique today .

  I had done a  video on this  back in March of last year which you  can view that one  HERE

 I thought it  would be fun  to make  another video using the small heart punch today .

  Click on over to my Stamping Studio  to check out today's  video  on this  Sparkly & Glamorous  card  .

Dawn's Update 1:20pm 1-25-2010:

The pink bowl with spoon that I am using for my red glitter  are baby dishes I found at my Local Dollar  store  a few years  ago . If I remember  right  there were 2 or 3 in a pack for $1 Hope this helps 🙂

Until later.. Happy Stampin!