Hi Stampers : Happy Sunday Friends!

What have  I been up to  this last week ?

HUMMM Well I got our Taxes  done  on Friday

 This past week the front end of our Grand Prix  shaking a little bit  and thought  it was  time  to rotate and balance our tires well That didn't fix  the shaking …

Ok so maybe I need  to get a front end  alignment  so I went yesterday  to have  that done  and  The guy asked me what was happening  and I told him the front end was shaking  But only  when I  accelerated  and he  said he didn't think it was the  alignment.

 They took it  for a  test drive  and  yup it didn't need  an alignment ,   BUT  needed  the 2 front  axle's replaced  so  I went ahead and did  that but I didn't know my GTP grand prix needed a special  driver side axle  that Only 1 place  in Oakland county had on hand  so  they had  to  go pick it up  in Ferndale Mi  YIKES!!  Long story short My Car is  driving Great again 🙂 YAHOO! 

Bowzer 1Earlier this week we had to take Bowzer in  for his ears . Poor  baby  HATES  going to the vet  because of the tile  floors.

  Sure enough he had a infection "again" But he  is feeling much better.


Bowzer gets so excited  to go bye bye But if Bowzer ONLY knew where he was going I don't think he would be  so excited 🙁

Jessie wrote a poem for her Creative writing class  at school  and Oh my  goodness  I love it  so much  I thought I would share  it with all of  you  Just click HERE to view .

This weeks Sunday Share  video is super  awesome .. You all know  the commerical FREE CREDIT REPORT.COM  well Tim Hawkins  has done it again with his Spin on this catchy commercial song with a Christian twist ~ LOVE IT!! 

J-E-S-U-S Baby !!



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Have a Fabulous  Sunday!

 I will see you  all again tomorrow

Until later.. Happy Stampin!