Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

I wanted  to give  you  an update on  the Haiti relief fund  that  SU! donated $2.00 from every stamp set I (heart) Hearts  sold . The  total  of 13,587 stamp sets  were sold  and that came to  over  $27,000  for the donation to Haiti . Praise God !!

Thank you  all so much  and Thank you  Stampin'Up!

My Leg is  doing great . I took  the last antibotic med on Wednesday  and  everything  is  doing great . Thank you  all from your  concern and  personal  emails / comments .

I have been  so busy trying  to get things  done for Shelli's arrival  in 17 days  I will share all the  goodies later after the event.

Yesterday( Saturday)  I filmed videos and  did  some  stamping which is  always  a day I look  forward  to  during the week . 

Detroit News 3-18-2010 Hubby  was once again in  the local news paper this past Thursday  re: The Christmas day flight  with the underwear bomber. You can  click  HERE  to read  that article . It really is  amazing after  nearly  3 months  after  this  terrible event  that there is  even  more details  still  coming  out. 

Jessie & Samson Steve & Linda Christmas 2009 Monday March 8, 2010 My dear friends Steve  & Linda's  dog ( Samson)  died. He was the sweetest  dog ever  and  what a heartbreak  for my  dear friends and everyone  that knew Samson  .

 I cried  all day  on Sunday  with Linda Knowing  how much pain she  was having.

Linda let Samson outside  to go potty  and   a few mins later  she called  for him  and he  didn't  come back  she  found him at  the  back  pouch laying  on the  ground.

 Jessie & Samson #2 January 2010 Steve  and Ben carried him  in  the house  and he  just laid  there   they ended  up taking Samson  to the   24 hr vet  within 20 mins of  finding a vet open at 9:30pm Monday night .  Samson  ended up having a  tumor   that  ruptured  and was bleeding internally .  Right before  Samson died  He licked Linda  on the face . 

You may remember these  photos of Samson and Jessie that were  taken  when we  spent New Years Day 2010 with them playing Rock band  HERE

I have a  couple Sunday Share  videos for you  today . 1st one  I got  such a laugh at. re: praying out loud  at church Michael Jr  gives it a  new twist LOL



  Here is another one from Michael  Jr re: Oversaved



 The next video is  from "Mercy Me". Love this  song Bring the Rain . You can click HERE  for  Mercy Me  and the story behind this amazing  song



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Enjoy  your  Sunday  Friends and I will see you  all again tomorrow

Until later.. Happy  Stampin!