Jessie's Graduation invites Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday Friends !

 This  past week  we had all of Jessie's  Graduation invites  made  We  got  all of them at Sams Club  and  what a Deal  too:) 

We got 150 invites  for under $40.00  can  you  believe  that ?  Plus  they come with beautiful  envelopes  .

Jessie's  invites are 4" X 8".   and look at  the Class of 2010 Its PURPLE how perfect is that … Sams  Club even   put a copy of her invite on display  for the new 2010 designs . How cool is  that !  

We will be adding  all the party details  to the backside  of the  photo section of her invite  so if  they  want  to  cut out  her photo and keep it  all the  details  will be on  the backside 

Dawn's Side note : I got a few  emails  re: a few of  Jessie's photo's being on railroad tracks when I shared  the proofs  with you all  previously , This railroad track  was just used as a  prop for her  senior photo Thats all  and  we do not  recommend playing on railroad tracks as a form of entertainment or otherwise .

Oh my goodness  we are  down to 10 days  for Shelli's Arrival . I  finalized  the M&Ts  for my Glitter Queens ( downline ) meeting this past Friday . I am so excited.

So in between  getting  everything lined  up for the big  day I  designed my April Thank you notes  they are sooo stinkin cute.

Speaking of my Thank you notes. My  glitter queens  will be making 2 cards  at our meeting  with Shelli.  1 will be a full size  version  and  the other is a Thank you note  to match .. A pretty  cool story  on how  my Thank you notes even got  started  over 2 years ago,  But  I will share that story  with you  after our  meeting  with Shelli.

Dawns DVD design I have  also  been trying to get caught up on my DVD's I have available  for you  who are interested  in buying them . I  just found out that my Printer prints on DVD's/ CD's….  OH my  goodness  so here is a  photo to show  you my new design of my DVD's I hope  to  get all of my DVD's  with this new  design in the future  BUT  so far just the current  ones I will be posting soon  will be  with the new design .

I think my neighborhood  heard me  scream with delight  when  I  found this out . I never  knew  this was possible with my printer and found out by accident .

I was  printing labels but hit the  printer button  for  CD's/DVD's instead and  my  printer  turned into this  monster thing  with  its  mouth  opening up  and  ejecting a  small tray to put CD/ DVD on to print ~ Totally  freaked me out.

Dawns Update  8:40am :  I have  had many  requests this morning  to what printer I use … It is  the Epson Artisan 800 Which is no longer available BUT  they have a Artisan 810  now  which is  the same HERE

It is sooo awesome to be able to do this and Hope  all of  you  enjoy  the new design  on my DVD's I will get DVD 24-25-& 26  posted  soon HERE . So sorry  for my  delay in keeping the new ones  available. 

  I have also  update my retired stamp set I have  available  for purchase  you  can check those out HERE .

My new Blog  design is  coming very soon  stay tuned  for that 🙂

For my Sunday Share  video is one of my all time favorites from Nicole C Mullen "My Redeemer Lives " .



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Have a Fabulous Sunday friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!