Lori Keller Easter Card Hi Stampers :

Howdy  friends 🙂

I  wanted to share  all the goodies I recently got in my mail box with all of you today .

WOWZIE  so many amazing cards I love them all and  you  all just made my day !

Thank you  so very much !

1st card is  from  Lori Keller Oh my goodness  what a Gorgeous  card  I love all the  small details  she added .  Such a  beautiful card and look at the Purple she added too ( LOVE IT!!) .Thank you so much Lori

Laura Wilsher Easter card Next card is  from Laura Wilsher . Love the Purple &  how  she  designed  her card.

  Laura also used one of my favorite Easter sets called A Good Egg stamp set.  Pretty cleaver  how Laura decorated her eggs too …You're soooo Smart  girlie 🙂 Yup I did figured out the correct way  to sit it up  LOL .:) Thank you so much Laura

Cindy Schnarr Book Next mail box  surprise comes  from  Cindy Schnarr Oh my  goodness I just love her book she made  and I have  already started filling it up with all kinds of important  things .. Cindy Schnarr Book opened Just love how  she  used the XL 2 step bird punch  for her cardinal on my book  so AWESOME! Thank you  so much Cindy .

Jeanne Kupsh Next adorable card  comes  from Jeanne Kupsh  . Such sweet bunnies and  your watercoloring is Fantasic  girlie 🙂  and look  she used a  shade of purple too … Oh my  goodness  you  all know  my favorite  color HUH? LOVE IT!! Thank you  so much  Jeanne and  for your sweet note inside

De Williamson Easter card Last But  certainly not least this card  from De Williamson is  soooo stinkin cute .  Seriously a photo just can not even  tell you how cute this card is in real life .. and guess what De  said I could  do a video on it  YAHOO!! 

 De Williamson Easter card inside When I got her card I got the giggles  Because  when you open  her card and on the inside she wrote "Pull  my arm to get your treat" ( see photo ) 

I suddenly  had thought's of my hubby saying Pull my finger..

LOL I will spare  you all the details on that when he says it to Jess & I ( Oh brother  ) I am sure you are sharing in my giggles  too HUH? 🙂 Thank you De ! Video will be coming soon 🙂

Thank you  all so very much for making my mail box such a prettier place . xo

P.S I had a few question where I get my smilies ( Love them..  can  you tell ?)  Click HERE 

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I have 2 posts for tomorrow Sunday ( 4-4-2010).  

( 1 ) will be my Sunday share ( Easter) I believe  My Sunday Share for tomorrow  is the MOST powerful post I have done in awhile …Please don't miss it !!!

I remember when I did  another post  simular to tomorrows,  that post was probably the hardest post I ever made~ HARD  because ….he  that comes  to Steal , Kill and Destroy  doesn't like me  saying  such things  to those that may not Know . 

Tomorrow post  is NO different and may be even more powerful  ! You can read my Blog testimony HERE

The other post will be a quick tip video on the shimmer mist stay tuned  for both posts  tomorrow .

Have a Wonderful Saturday friends !

Until later… Happy Stampin!