Hi Stampers :

Happy Saturday friends !!

At my Workshop of a lifetime event so many of  you came bearing gifts sooo unexpected  But so loved . Thank you all so much .

Gift from Shelli Gardner The very 1st gift I received  was  from Shelli Gardner herself . She gave me this  Name stamp  with my  name and  SU! web site  address  on it.. Just perfect  for  adding all my info to  all the catalogs  and mini catalogs I send send out .Thank you  so much Shelli 🙂

Gift from Sue Brownlow Next  gift came from Sue Brownlow  Oh my  goodness is this plant adorable  or what ?  and look  the planter  it's  a Purple butterfly  Just perfect  since I have been on a butterfly kick lately  and  the  color ? well you  all know I am crazy  for purple !  Thank you so much Sue 🙂

Gift from Judy Boggs Next gift comes  from  Judy Boggs  she made me this super cute flower brooch  and Judy  said it's the Indy 500 for breast cancer awareness  and hontestly  this was  so perfect to how I have been feeling the last couple weeks ..  **Speedy Gonzales** getting everything ready  for the big event. My Big shot bag with Judy's brooch she gave me I added  it to my Big shot  bag  which looks sooo super cute .. ( See photo)   I love it Judy Thank you  so much .

Gift from Jan Tink Next gift came from Jan Tink she  gave me her 2nd copy  of this magazine she got for being published  in it Not once BUT 3 times Way  to go GF!  I so love moving  cards  and  this magazine is FABULOUS!!  I can see alot of videos  coming  from here 🙂 Thank you  so much Jan !

Gift from Marcia Hill ~ Closed Next gift came  from  Marica Hill   and its  sooo awesome  look at  this matching  set  and she made the same present for Shelli too 🙂 Gift from Marcia Hill ~ Opened and look when you open the  box  It has lots of  chocolate  goodies  stamped  and decorated  with "Thank you " so super sweet ! Her matching  card  is so adorable  too ..

Thank you  so much Marcia ..

Thank you all so much for making my special day with Shelli  even better with your amazing gifts that I will treasure  forever .

Until later…Happy Stampin!

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