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 Click HERE for cruise photos.

 I had  to remove all the photos in  todays post as well as previous cruise photo blog posts   due  to my blog was uploading very very slow  so hopefully  this helps .. I tried  to add the  links  to each of the  photos that were posted  earlier ..( sorry )

 Todays cruise photos  are of my friends who I got  to meet up with on the Big boat . Actually  there  were lots of  friends I ran into but  didn't have my camera. Boo Hoo!

This Ship was so huge I know there  were friends on the boat that I didn't get to  meet up with.

 1st photo is of my dear sweet friend Roxy .  HERE Seriously  Roxy gives the bestest Hugs ever and it seems  so long in between our  visits  we both get very emotional  when we see each other .. I love you Roxy !  Plus  I finally got to meet her sweet hubby Kevin face  to face while on the cruise which was so great 🙂

Next photo HERE  is my wonderful friend Patty  her hubby took this photo of the 3 of us  and her hubby said  Patty looked  so  white  compared  to Jess & I  .Maybe  we should have put Patty in the middle of Jess and I  so our tan  would have rubbed off on her 🙂 Love you Patty.

Next photo's are  of my   sweet and dear friend Maxine (  new code name for us is LOVE ) Max HERE and HERE   has a british accent  which Jessie fell in love  with.   We  even got  to hang out all day  together  in St. Maarten .

Here is  a photo of Jessie and max   HERE when we stepped off the boat  to visit  St Maarten .Here is another photo of Jess and Max  on the night  we went to the Dancing under the stars  event on the ship. 

Jess  decided  that whenever I chat with Max on the phone I will have  to past Max off to her  when we are finished  chatting. Love you Max !

Funny  story after photos  were taken by the  ship photographer  all the photos were then added to our slot  in the photo gallery  and Jess and I  had a bunch of photos  taken that evening  so we went  down to check them out after dinner  while we were there  we ran into Tiffany & her Mom and Max and her Momma  and I told them I had a bunch of photos taken  but  were not in my  photo slot yet…

 The 6 of us were  scrabbling  to look  for my photos  what seemed like at least 20 or so mins ( maybe longer )  looking  for our photos .One of the gals  said that's really  weird   the photos aren't anywhere.  Then someone asked  "When  were the photos  taken"? I said Tonight  and everyone laughed  cause the photos  from that evening  would be in my slot  the next day  REALLY?  I  then  said  BUT I thought  they would have 1 hr photo  like Sams  club  everyone laughed .  

 The next photo is  Patty and Paul HERE  who shared our dinner tablewith us  every night .  Jessie and Paul because best buds  as well . After  the 1st night  Jessie  always wanted  to sit  next  to Paul Thank goodness Patty didn't mind .

Our  dinning table  was seriously  the  the most fun and maybe  the loudest table  in  the  dinning hall . After the 2nd night  guess what started  to happen  ( again ) ? I started lossing my voice..Just  like what happened  to me at Founders  circle  when I lost it  for 38 days OH NO !!! ..   Not  sure what happened BUT Praise God  my voice didn't  totally leave But  one  thing I found out  was that  I lose my voice  cause I am laughing  so much ( someone metioned to me well you know what not  to do  then right ? NOT LAUGH… YEA Right  Fat chance in that happening ..

Seriously  our  dinner table  was  sooo AWESOME  we all laughed  so much  that I thought Brent, Pam and Dale (  corporate members  from SU!)  who dined  right behind us  HERE  were going to tell us  to keep it  down ..Hee! hee!

We also shared our dinner table  with Mary Aamar ( my up up up upline  ) which I am sooo sad  I didn't  get any photos  of all of us . But I did  snag this photo of Mary & I HERE  from her blog HERE

We had  a fabulous waiter  who by the  2nd night  knew all our names and  was always joking around  with us .  One of our Formal nights  our waiter  asked Paul if  he wanted dessert  and Paul " No thanks I'm Good"   so Our waited  decorated this plate with Chocolate  for Paul .HERE

 OH yea of course Paul said he wanted  to lose 7 lbs  while on the ship  which  towards the end he gave  up and  said  he  would probably  gain 7 lbs  even though he went  to the  gym one  day  for 36 hours Hee! Hee! (Inside joke )  

Every day  Jess and I were at  the pool ( Love it !)   and  we got to hang out with my pool buddies which was a blast  sitting in the  sun , chatting  about  all kinds of  different  things  HERE I have gained  so many new friends on the ship  so many fabulous  memories  that will last forever.

Stampin Up!  held a Share night  Oh my goodness  look at all the fabulous desserts .HERE  HERE    At this event  demonstrators  could bring  things  they had made  and set  them out  for others to walk by and  look at .

I thought I would  do a M&T  for my share I would MAKE  a book mark ( click HERE to view that video on the bookmark )   and  everyone  could TAKE the bookmark . I would Make and they would Take~ M&T get it Hee! Hee!

 I took a whole pack of  the  Sale-a-Bration 6×6 paper pack with me and made all  of the bookmarks with this pack of paper by the end of the evening  all the paper  was gone except ( 4 ) 6×6 sheets . I guess  that was because I  wanted  to get up and check everything out  before everyone left  the event.

 I was able to meet up with even more friends  at this event . Here is Kimberly HERE & Tiffany    HERE  such cutie pies .

I wasn't  able  to take a photo of myself  during this event BUT Jennifer K  sent  me this photo that Linda Heller  snaped of me HERE ( Thank you Linda for taking this photo  & Jennifer  for the  emailing the photo tome )

Such a Fabulous time  Thanks for peeking in today . I will see you all tomorrow .

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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