Demonstrator of the year #10 Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

Convention was so Amazing .

This year  Awards night  was held Thursday July 22nd  and I had my Hubby and daughter there  this year  which made it even  more special for me .

#3 in Promotions This year I was  #1 in sales, #3 in Senior Associate Promotions, #10 Demonstrator  of the Year.

Without you …this would not be possible …..Thank you all from the bottom of my heart !!!

Jessie and trax 

Gateway Mall While I was at convention  Rich & Jess were out  exploring Salt Lake they both had  alot of  fun . Of course 1st on the list  for them was to hit the Harley  shop  and pick up a couple shirts  .

Taffy table in Memento Mall Convention Bag 2010 Founders Circle bag Convention 2010 They also  got to visit the  Gateway mall , Temple and the  fountain ( see photos )  took the Trax  everywhere  and  even rode it to Sandy UT which  Jess said was like an hour  ride there and an hour ride back ..

Gathering place convention 2010 Rich and Jess both said  they look forward  to visiting again !

Jessie with her gift from Cindy Look what Cindy got Jess

Our Glitter Queens  dinner was  so wonderful I love spending  some  quality time  with my  girls   we also made a  Shirt card  which you  seen HERE and look what Cindy  gave  Rich, Jess and I ( Harley Shirts ) totally  surprised all of us . Thank you Cindy  ..

Rich with the shirt from Cindy Dawns Shirt from Cindy #1 You will never guess what color mine is ??? YUPPER  it's purple  for some reason I don't have a photo of me with her gift so I  took this photo  of the  shirt by it self ( beautiful huh?)

After 1,000 Mile tune up Since Hubby has been home  He hit 1,000 miles already on his new Harley  so it  was time  for the 1,000 mile tune up  and he we are  vooming off  on it after we picked it  up 🙂

 Deer #3 On one of our  bike  runs  around  town  we stoped  at a local  favorite  pit stop (  Clarkston rd) to see lots  of Deer  WOW!!  I am speechless.   It's just amazing  watching them upclose .

Deer #2 The 1st time we stopped in there must have  been at least 40 Then we went back yesterday I brought  the camera  and we had  at least 8  coming up to the fence .. Just  sooo amazing :)  All wild deer  and protected by a fence from the main road .

For my Sunday share  is a funny one from Comedian Anita Renfroe  . She does a awesome parody of Carrie Underwood song  called Before  he Cheats HERE  Anitas  parody is called Before I eat ..



Have a Wonderful Sunday  friends

Until later… Happy Stampin!  

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