#1 Jess & Ken Hi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday  Friends !

Yesterday  Jessie & Kayla headed out on  their  road trip .They reached  their destination~Praise God !

 Also Yesterday Ken  left for College . I think this  whole road  trip was planned  around Jess for that sad day  IMHO .

So I have the whole house to myself  What shall a Gal do ?? Stamp of course  ( DUH) 

 Sad news  for myself  this upcoming  week.  This  Tuesday I will be  going  to the dentist  to have my  1st ever  Crown  done .. YIKES!!  It seems  that my back moler  has a  hairline crack  and the Crown will fix this . Praise God I don't need a root canel or I would really  be freaking out ..   

So any  stories  you  would like  to share  with me if you had  a Crown done  would be greatly appreciated .. Of  course  I would prefer happy  stories  But I will brace myself  for those terrible ones as well …

Jessie Laughing Aug 8, 2010 Here is a photo of Jessie taken a week or so ago  when she  was with her friends  .. I just love this photo of her .

For my Sunday Share  today I thought I would  re post one of my  favorite  Michael W. Smith songs .


Ok (1) more  of my favorites with Michael ( Angus Dei ). Seriously  when Michael sang this song live in concert last Sunday night I was in tears,  Such a powferful  song ( LOVE IT!!)  Everyone was singing  and Praising  God !! Something I will NEVER  forget .Please know YOU are NOT Alone in Following Christ   ~Praise God ! 

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Have a Fabulous Sunday Friends

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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