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Happy Sunday Friends !

I forgot  to mention in my  Sunday Share  last week that I got a new camera.. YAHOO  but  not by choice  I have had my cyber shot camera  forever   then 2 days before leaving  for Founders circle  it decides  to bite  the  dust . so needless to say I needed  another camera  so I bought  another  Sony Cyber shot  camera  and I love it  so much.

  I  usually  use this camera  for all my  blog photos  and  its  a great camera  for those  events  where I need a small camera  to fit in my  purse .. This new camera is amazing  and  I love the photos  it takes . so clear and  nice..

Click Here for the link  to my  new camera if  your interested .

Well this past Monday  I took Jessie to get  another ear piercing  done that she wanted  to  get . I  am not posting the photos here   just incase  some of you  are alittle  squeamish about   needles  since this is NOT  your typical ear piercing  so I will just have you  click HERE  to view those  photos ..

Lets just say  when she mentioned  she wanted her tragus pierced  I had no idea  what  that was   BUT now  that it's  done  I really like it  too ..  funny thing is Jess  wanted  me to get mine  done  with her LOL .. NO WAY!

Today is  Pastor Appreciation day at our church and we are having ice cream sundaes right after  church  to celebrate  our Pastor & his family.

Here is my Sunday Share  video for you today One of my favorites again  from Michael W Smith . Love  this  song !



Click Here

P.S  I have been having  problems updating my Video links & photos ~ it  will not let me add any more links  so sorry .

I have added  a New link for the new videos I share  with you from  (9-30-10- present ) The new link is called   Dawns Video links #2. I still have  the  other link  as well with all the previous video links. 

Both links are on the top of my blog right under my blog banner.

Thanks  for peeking in  today have a Fabulous Sunday  friends

Until later… Happy Stampin!


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