Bathroom #1
Hi Stampers :

Holy Moly  we  have opened a big bag of worms now .. Since we bought this home  over 16 yrs ago we have never  remodeled  the  downstairs  well except  my Stamping studio But  the bathroom  has never been touched since we  bought the house  so it was  in need  of a make over  for sure .. BUT  since  taking everything out  it seems the  shower  we want to put in   has  a  drain in a different  location  then the one we had in there ..

 so  Hubby is moving the  drain over PLUS  this means moving the toilet over as well  OH my  goodness ..

 So needless  to say my  stamping  studio is a total disaster  with a toilet/  vanity/ plus everything  that was in this bathroom   you name it is  everywhere . Now  I have very little access to my  stamping studio  until everything is  back  to  some what normal.    From the looks of  it  this may be  alittle while.. The shower  drain has  to be moved over 9" Plus  the toilet  drain moved  over 6 "

Bathroom  floor #1
Then  right in the middle  of everything  Hubbys  truck needed  new wheel   bearings  so as I  type  this  post he is outside  doing that  while our basement looks like  this .. Thankful my hubby is a jack of all trades  and we are  very excited  about the  finished  bathroom ..

Have a Blessed day .

By the way I do  have at least 1 video filmed  and projects  ready  for the  rest of this week .. I pray I can carve out a little space  to  stamp  later this week and Hopefully  get the  2nd video  filmed  for you ..  If not  you  will  hopefully understand why .. Thank you in advance  for  your patience.

Until later… Happy Stampin!

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