Day 1 with Shellac nails
Hi Stampers :

 As of 2 days ago ( Tuesday April 4, 2011 )  I have offically  had Shellac on my nails for  (14 ) days .

Unbelievable  is what comes to my mind .

Holy Moly   No chip's ~No peeling ~ still glossy  too .

Day 14 with Shellac Nails
I took this  photo of my nails on Tuesday aka Day 14 .

The only  thing I have noticed is that my nails are growing much faster -vs- the Shellac to come off ( which is a good thing ) .  I have new growth showing under the french manicure and also at the cuticle line .

BUT  other then that they still look  great.  I think   in the future  10-11 days is when I will redo mine  since I think 14 days is alittle  to long for a French Manicure ( shows new growth to much )  .

I will be trying a  solid color called "Rock Royality" its purple ( Yahoo!)   and I think it will be  alot better looking after the 10+ days

As of today  Thursday I still haven't removed  the Shellac  but will be doing so this morning .

Removing Shellac  is at least a 10 min process you  will need  to soak  your nails in Acetone Nail polish remover  and then  from there I have no clue ( Jessie  will be doing that )

 Jessie said the Shellac  will either peel off or  you  need a orange wood stick to scrape if off after you soak them for 10 mins in Acetone  polish remover  .

Now I will be attempting to do Shellac on my nails myself 

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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